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Guardianships are great for specific situations. The person, or persons, who are appointed guardian(s) have the legal power to make decisions regarding the health, safety, education, and general well-being of the ward. Guardians may also have the authority to make decisions regarding the property, business affairs, or other financial matters of the ward.

Guardianships of Children

guardianship1Many children are in need of guardians to take care of them for a number of different reasons. The children do not have to be in your physical custody before you file your petition with the Court. If you feel that a child is in need of proper care, make the call today!

Guardianships of Adults

guardianship2When an adult is unable to care for themselves or personal affairs, a guardianship is a great way to make certain that the person is properly taken care of and their business and property remains in proper order. A guardian of an adult person may be appointed by the Court when it is shown that the person is physically or mentally Incapacitated or Partially Incapacitated. Most often, Incapacity, is shown by disabilities or impairments that render a person unable to fully care for themselves or render them incapable of managing their finances, business, or property.