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Adoption, Divorce, Guardianship, and Paternity
Family Law and Domestic Relations Litigation
Our deep understanding of the law and aggressive approach proves most favorable for our Clients. We are with our clients every step of the way. We want make these difficult situations as less stressful as possible. We fight hard to protect our clients’ rights and to preserve your financial interests. Our aim is to resolve conflicts and to reduce your costs effectively. We pledge to keep you informed and educated about your case so that you have confidence in your decisions.
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We have successfully helped families from all over Oklahoma make their family complete. We have handled a wide array of adoption ranging from Newborn Adoptions to Adult Adoptions. Oklahoma Adoptions encompass many complex procedures that must be strictly followed. You need an experienced adoption lawyer to navigate the intricacies of the legal system. We’ve personally handled numerous Jury Trials regarding the termination of parental rights and subsequent adoptions. We have the experience you need on your side. Let us make this process less burdensome on you, regardless of the situation you are facing.