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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law
Real estate law addresses the rights to possess, use, and enjoy land and any permanent fixtures attached to the land, such as homes. Interests in land not only include ownership, but leaseholds, easements, liens, tenancies, mineral rights and mortgages.
Real estate transactions may include sales, transfers, leases, title changes, loans, and other matters. Whether you are buying or selling a property, or you’re hiring a real estate attorney to act as your advocate or advisor; we can make sure that your interests are protected.
Our office can provide you with advice or representation in a wide variety of real estate matters, including:
Title Opinions
Reviewing or drafting leases
Breach of contract matters
Misrepresentation claims
Construction contract disputes
Construction defects
Foreclosures [owner or lender representation]
Quiet title actions(disputed ownership)
Breach of warranty
Real estate fraud / mortgage fraud
Commercial lease disputes
And More